March, 2017


Casinos and Email Marketing

Casino and gambling

Whether patrons are high rollers for whom money is no object, vacationers willing to splurge during some well-deserved time off or people hoping-perhaps foolishly-to strike it rich or at least make a quick buck, casinos are rarely hurting for business. Still, every business has room for improvement, and casinos are no different. That’s why a casino’s email marketing plan is a must for gaming halls of all sizes! Casinos have the marketing budget to advertise in newspapers and on television or radio, as well as on billboards along highways, butRead More

Online Casino and Poker

Casino and gambling

This is great to work on this amazing blog. I enjoy writing and its very interesting for me and its very useful for my language skills. Now i am writing to talk about casino and poker opportunities on internet. I mean Online casino and online poker. Its very great to play poker on internet, while you sit at home. I am talking about my experience. I enjoy sit at home and watch TV and why not try to play some casino games or poker? Its very funny, when you watchRead More

Mystery Shopping in the Casino and Gaming Industry

Taking mystery shopping assignments in the casino and gaming industry is a sure bet way to have fun, earn a little extra money, and help companies maximize the customer experience for all guests. Similar to secret shopping in retail store locations, an assignment in casino mystery shopping requires driving to various properties, using and evaluating the various services undercover and providing candid feedback through required forms and online surveys. Taking on evaluations in the casino and gaming industry are only realistic for those folks who reside in states that allowRead More

Online Casino Poker Gambling – How To Win The Most By Creating An Image

Casino and gambling

This article is all about online casino poker gambling and how to create the best image for your player. When you are sitting at a table, your poker image means everything. In no limit Texas Hold’em especially, if you appear weak to your opponents, they are going to bulldoze over you all day. This is why it is important to create an image at the table and use it to your advantage. Images at the table can be broken down into three basic categories. There is going to be theRead More

Casino Gambling Strategies – How To Beat The Casinos And Win Repeatedly?

Casino and gambling

Casino gambling strategies can be crucial to your success. Whether you are playing craps, roulette or blackjack, a strategy can help you make money. I am not talking just about a scam system, but a correct betting strategy. In roulette, bankroll management and placement of bets is required to try and reduce the massive house edge. In craps knowing your bets and betting methods is again vital. Most importantly in blackjack the correct strategy can give you a huge advantage over the house. Casinos make a fortune from people whoRead More